First Panamax vessel on the time charter basis for the strategic route

March 30, 2012

This month Blomerin has commenced the implementation of the new chartering strategy for the Panamax shipments to the USG/USEC, which as expected will enhance the company’s presence in the market while effectively cutting the transportation costs through the meticulous use of the own knowledge and practical experience in time charter operations.

With this first vessel and on the company will always consider the time charter basis as the alternative to the conventional voyage chartering (either for a TCT or 2LL) for their panamax shipments.

With the progress of the concept, in the near term we hope to be able to offer a regular service to and from the USG and the USEC to the interested Charterers/Shippers.

Blomerin Marine Ltd takes a laker on Time Charter

May 28, 2011


On May 26th, 2011 Blomerin Marine Ltd. have started the commercial operations of mv Pacific Huron – the first vessel taken on a period time charter by the company .

The primary purpose of this initiative is to bring the relations with the Charterers to a new level through the expansion of the company’s activities.

Mv Pacific Huron is a fully lakes fitted geared single deck bulk carrier, built 2010 with DWT 29974 on full draft and abt 19800 mts on the Lakes draft (26’03’’ ft).

The principal area of the vessel’s employment will be the Atlantic Ocean, in particular the Great Lakes, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, where Blomerin Marine Ltd. is controlling the cargo flows of pig iron, which we intend to use as a backup for the vessel in the weak market conditions.

Based on the results achieved and the experience gained during this first TC, the company will continue its activity as a ship-operator to further strengthen own reputation and the presence in the market.

Blomerin People Party 2011

January 17, 2011

Blomerin People Party 2011 @ People Cafe on 14th of January 2011 in Moscow.

Blomerin People Party 2010

January 18, 2010

Blomerin People Party 2010 @ People Cafe on 15th of January 2010 in Moscow.

World Dry Bulk Shipping Summit 2009

August 13, 2009

The World Dry Bulk Shipping Summit took place in London on 30 June – 1 July 2009.

One of the main points of discussion in the summit’s day one was dry bulk markets that have witnessed extreme volatility in the recent months. Issues of concern are the tremendous amounts of litigation disrupting these markets, strong fluctuations in the Baltic Dry Bulk Index, and uncertainty as to when the markets are likely to recover.

Another big subject of discussion was the outlook on the Asian economies and their impact on raw material demand. The Chinese economy in particular is striking due to its strength, stability, and potential demand growth. China has been one of the main drivers of the shipping and freight markets in 2009.

Another item on the agenda was further oversupply of new builds and consequent dampening of their prices.

Day two of the summit began with several speeches on the FFA market, its prospects, advantages and disadvantages, and hedging with FFAs and FFAs speculations on the freight market.

The summit closing speakers focused on litigation and legislation which today are very important issues as nearly every second charterer or ship owner has been involved in litigation while renegotiating charter parties, following failures to nominate vessels, or due to early redelivery of vessels.

We’ve found the summit interesting and informative. The majority of the subjects touched upon are the serious problem areas we face today due to the world’s economy and shipping markets downturn.

The 7th FMB East European Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition 2009

July 6, 2009

Company Blomerin Marine Ltd participated in the 7th FMB East European Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition 2009. The conference was held in Riga, Latvia on 1-3 July. It drew over 400 participants from 40 countries.

Despite the continuing pressure of the economic crisis, low raw material prices, and a relatively low demand, most of the conference participants considered it to be a success.

No matter how gloomy or contradictory economic forecasts maybe, the recession is going to be over sooner or later and it’s very important to keep in touch with the market players, as well as your long term,   new or potential partners.

Blomerin Marine Ltd has also considered transportation of fertilizers and chemicals as an essential constituent of the company business and is actively pursuing this segment of the market. Shipments from the Baltic and the Black Sea ports to Europe, North America, and South Eastern Asia are currently the areas of focus for Blomerin Marine Ltd and the company is looking to develop partnerships for organizing combined (part cargo) shipments to these destinations.

In the second quarter 2009 the company organized several combined shipments of pig iron and sulfur of different charterers from the Black sea ports to China.

4th Coaltrans Russia 2009

April 3, 2009

Blomerin Marine Ltd participated in the 4th Coaltrans Russia conference that was held in Moscow on 30-31 March. The conference brought together over 200 delegates (over 70 companies from 26 countries). Despite the global financial crisis and price fall, the imports-exports of coal remained relatively high in the first quarter 2009 compared to the same time period a year ago, the South Asian region remaining the major importer of coal products.

Due to the geographical location of the principal Russian coal mining and refining operations, the Far East ports enjoy the most favourable position for handling coals.

Moreover, the decline in production of Russian metallurgical enterprises has resulted in   additional free coke and coking coal volumes in the domestic market, which has stimulated producers to search for alternative markets, mainly export markets.

However, the continuing construction of coal terminals in Vanino port and reconstruction of coal terminals in Vostochny port has lead to the Far East ports capacity deficit.

Conversely, the price parameters of coal export contracts and land transportation costs are not favourable for shipping coal production via the Black and Baltic sea ports.  Blomerin has been providing freight services to JSC KOKS (member company of Industrial Metallurgical Holding) and is interested in further development of this business segment of the freight market.